Monday, June 06, 2005

At the Clinic

The recent hot sweltering heat has really got me sick; the usual sore throat, accompanied by the a small increase in body temperature and "blocked nose". So, I popped into the usual clinic I have gone to for years. The receptionist nurse is someone whom I have acquainted to . There were a few people waiting to be attended by the doctor.

Nurse : Hi, Jack... what happened?
Me : As usual-lah... sore throat.
Nurse : Okay, wait, I get your record-card first. (even without taking my IC).
Me : Who is the doctor on duty today?
Nurse : New one lah. A man called Dr Sham (not his real name)
Me : Okay or not.
Nurse : Sure okaylah . Just qualified as a doctorlah UKM one you know.

After ten minutes, I was called into the doctor's room.
Doc : Uncle, what's wrong?
Me : (feeling flabbergasted, why call me uncle.. just because you can see two strain of white hair dangling among the hair..already feeling not well, some more add insult). Sore throatlah.
Doc : How many days?
Me : Since yesterday.
Doc : Open your mouth...bigger...bigger...don't be shy....bigger..(taking the touchlight and keep shing into my mouth). Hmmm... bad lah, nevermind, I'll give some medicine to it, Uncle. Let me take your blood pressure. uncle.
Me : (Again calling me uncle again ..) okay
Doc : 80/ 125 normal. Okay uncle. Don't worry.
Me : ( Normal .. some more say don't worry..) Okay.
Doc : Uncle, let me take the temperature ..(putting the thermometer into my mouth).
Me : (Suck...with the tool under my tongue..and then the doc took the the reading)
Doc : Wah.. 37.4 degree ... a bit highlah, uncle . Never mind I'll give some medicine to it.
Me : Doc, what medicine are you giving me?
Doc : Uncle, don't worry. I'll give the medicine that can cure your illness. (Definitely..or else what does he want to give).
Me : No, I mean what are you giving me; a couple of white tablets to take the temperature off, a couple of coloured capsules to kill the bacteria in the throat, some dequadine to suck...
Doc : Wah, like that also you know uncle..
Me : (Kindly call me Jack and stop calling me uncle... my mind hisssed at him....) Can I go now?
Doc : Okay. But drink more water.

I came out , waited for the receptionist to give me the "prescribed" medicine as mentioned. Then I asked the nurse.
Me : Eh... why the doc did not give me the liquid syrup?
Nurse : Ah.. got liquid syrupmeh? Wait I ask doctor?
Me : Usually it is prescribed, so I can sleep easily with the "blocking" nose.
Nurse : (went into the doc room and cane back) okay, okay, doc says you want, no problem.
Me : What about the mc?
Nurse: Oh..Jack , you also want . I ask the doctor? ( Then came back to me with a mc)
Me : Like that also can. ( pay the money...I can be the doctor too...Jack of all trade-mah).
Nurse : Thank you, Jack and come again.

Do you think I will go and see this Dr Sham again? I think I better see Dr Liew.


Blogger Su Zen said...

lol i have heard/met of worse doctors than ur doctor sham :P

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